Echo Lake Beach

Echo Lake is south of Somesville and just north of Southwest Harbor on Mount Desert Island, Maine, on the west side of Route 102. It is a gorgeous fresh water lake in a spectacular setting. The maximum water depth is 66 feet. Echo Lake Beach is on the southern shore and is staffed by a lifeguard from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The beach has become the most popular freshwater swimming site on the island for locals and visitors in-the-know. The water is much warmer than the ocean water temperature at Sand Beach in the park. This is a good beach for kids and families as it is relatively shallow for quite a distance.

Echo Lake Beach Parking GPS: Latitude 44.314308; Longitude -68.336482

Right Beside Beech Mountain!

When you arrive at the parking area you can't help notice the high cliffs along the western side. These are part of 839 foot (256 meter) high Beech Mountain. The cliffs continue along much of the western shore of Echo Lake. A hiking trail leads up the side of the cliffs from the parking area. From the beach, you can easily see climbers as they recede into the distance and keep getting smaller. This usually becomes a topic of conversation for beach visitors. Note: There is another much less challenging trail that leads to the top from the west side of the mountain. Visit the Beech Mountain page for a more detailed description.

To the south on Route 102 (as mentioned above) is Southwest Harbor, the largest town on this side of the island, plus Bass Harbor, Tremont, and Bernard. The 102A loop will also take you near Seawall and Seawall Campground.

The Free Island Explorer Shuttle Bus has a pickup and drop-off point here during normal season months.

Echo Lake Location Map

Stats & Facts

  • Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible parking, restrooms, changing rooms, and an accessible path to water.
  • Echo Lake Fish: Brook Trout
  • Restrictions: Motors over 10 horsepower prohibited
  • Maine Department of Inland Fisheries: (207) 434-5925
    Wildlife Division: (207) 434-5927
  • Maximum Water Depth: 66 Feet
  • Fishing Information
  • The Free Island Explorer Shuttle Bus has a drop-off and pickup point here. Refer to Route 7 Southwest Harbor.
  • No pets are allowed on the beach May 15 - September 15.
  • Bathroom facilities and changing rooms
  • Parking GPS: Latitude 44.314308; Longitude -68.336482
  • Southwest Harbor GPS: Latitude 44.279767; Longitude -68.325914

Take Away Wonderful Memories

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThis is a really nice beach for the whole family. The lake is crystal clear and there is a lot of sand for laying around or walking on. The fact that it is situated right beside a mountain on the West side just adds to the experience. I have many long enduring memories from times spent here with my brothers, sisters, and other extended family members. You can handle and even enjoy the water here much more so than the very cold ocean. The depth also remains shallow here for quite a distance so it is more likely to warm up on a hot sunny day. If you want to get some spectacular photos, consider making the climb to the top of Beech Mountain. When I was much younger, making the climb from the parking area was no problem. However, carrying photo gear and a heavy tripod combined with my added years has forced me to prefer the more leisurely climb that begins on the western side of the mountain accessed from the Beech Hill Road. The incline is much better.