Bubble Pond

Bubble Pond in Acadia National Park, Maine, is a short distance northeast of Jordan Pond next to the two way section of the Park Loop Road on Mount Desert Island. It is a gorgeous little pond, nestled between rounded mountains, with a maximum water depth of 39 feet. A carriage road and a stone bridge are located next to the parking area for an easy walk or bike ride. PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, the National Park Service has made the decision to close the small 11 vehicle parking lot to private vehicles while the Island Exploer Shuttle Bus is in operations. This means that it will be closed from about June 21 through shortly after October 8. Check out Island Explorer Bus schedules for coordination schedules and maps.

Bubble Pond Entrance GPS: Latitude 44.350213; Longitude -68.241765

What is Here

There are several nice spots for sitting or viewing along the shoreline. Just pick one of the big boulders, a tree stump, or any other place that looks comfortable. You may also choose to walk along the hiking trail that follows the shore to the right just as you reach the pond. This can be especially beautiful early in the morning as the sun begins to peek over the mountain to the left. The mountain you will see to the south southwest is Pemetic Mountain. On calm mornings there often is a perfect mirror reflection of the mountain on the surface of Bubble Pond. When you visit Cadillac Mountain, make a note that Bubble Pond is directly south via the Park Loop Road that runs through the central part of Mount Desert Island.

Bubble Pond in Acadia National Park
Bubble Brook in Acadia National Park

Bubble Brook

On the North side of the pond (on the same side as the road), Bubble Brook cascades down in a northwesterly direction toward Eagle Lake, the largest body of freshwater in the park. If you walk towards the pond from the parking area and then go left at the water's edge, a path leads to the brook. Be very careful of your footing should you choose to cross the brook as the rocks can be slippery. For those strong enough and who have good balance, it is possible to access the brook from the parking area but it is a somewhat steep incline/decline and there is no walking path for this.

Bubble Pond Formation

If you look at the Acadia Map via the Map link at the top of this page, you will note that Bubble Pond seems to run north to south. As a matter of fact, you will see that all of the bodies of water on Mount Desert Island do the same. During the past ice ages, massive sheets of ice as much as 2 miles high, moved ever so slowly across this land in a southerly direction, scooping out the low areas that became ponds and lakes, and shearing off the mountain tops leaving them rounded rather than pointed. If you have been to the Smokie Mountains in the south or the Rockies in the west, you know the difference in appearance.

Carriage Road Bridge at Bubble Pond in Acadia

Stats & Facts

  • Accessibility: Accessible restrooms and parking • A level trail leads to pond and, from there, a carriage road
  • Restrictions: Motors over 10 horsepower prohibited
  • Maine Department of Inland Fisheries: (207) 434-5925
    Wildlife Division: (207) 434-5927
  • Maximum Water Depth: 39 Feet
  • Bubble Pond Fish: Brook Trout
  • Fishing Information
  • The Free Island Explorer Shuttle Bus has a drop-off and pickup point here. Refer to Route 4 Loop Road and Route 5 Jordan Pond.
  • County: Hancock
  • Park Loop Road is closed certain times of year.
  • Bubble Pond GPS: Latitude 44.350213; Longitude -68.241765

Off the Beaten Track

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherI really enjoy my stops at Bubble Pond, especially in the early morning hours and during the autumn season. It has the feeling of being off the beaten track but has so much to offer. A small mountain next to it seems to protect it from the wind to a certain extent so it often is calm. The close proximity of the mountain also allows more time before the sunlight hits the water so you can visit some other places on the eastern side of MDI first if desired. The hiking trail at the water’s edge makes it convenient to sit somewhere and relax but also creates many photo opportunities to get clear pics of the pond, or to use some of the trees and other growth along the shoreline as silhouettes. Before leaving, I always check out Bubble Brook as well. there is a nice incline that creates a nice flow of water, especially after a rain.

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