Prospect Harbor, Maine Lighthouse

Prospect Harbor, Maine

The village of Prospect Harbor, Maine is located in Downeast Hancock County on the southeastern part of the Gouldsboro Peninsula. Small and quiet with excellent views of the Prospect Harbor Lighthouse, lobster boats and other vessels, it was originally called Watering Cove and is actually part of the municipality of Gouldsboro that also includes Birch Harbor, Corea, South Gouldsboro, and West Gouldsboro. The Gouldsboro Town Office is located in Prospect Harbor. Area activities include fishing, boating, hiking, biking, kayaking, golf, and whale watching.

GPS: 44.408593, -68.026267

Schoodic Scenic Byway

Prospect Harbor is the last point on the Schoodic Scenic Byway that starts in Sullivan, goes East along U.S. Route 1 to Route 186 then South to Winter Harbor. From here the Scenic Byway goes south through Acadia National Park then veers north and arrives at Prospect Harbor.

The village is only about 5 miles from the entrance to the Schoodic Peninsula section of Acadia National Park and only about 2 miles from the Park's exit. It is well worth the visit when at Schoodic and you may want to explore the fishing village of Corea as well. View the Schoodic map to see how to get there and its location relative to the park and Mount Desert Island.

For a more direct route from coastal U.S. Route 1, follow Maine State Highway 195 south to Route 186 in Prospect Harbor. If leaving Acadia National Park's Schoodic Peninsula, take a right in Birch Harbor onto Highway 186 and continue for about a mile.

Location map of Prospect Harbor, Maine

General Information

  • Chamber of Commerce: (207) 963-7658
  • Fire Department: (207) 963-5589
  • Dorcas Library:
    28 Main Street, Prospect Harbor, ME 04669-0167
    (207) 963-4027
  • Municipal Business: (207) 963-5589
    Town Manager
    59 Main Street, Prospect Harbor, ME 04669
  • Police Department:
    Day Phone: (207) 963-5589; Night: (207) 667-7575
  • Peninsula Consolidated School: (207) 963-2003
    71 Main Street
    Prospect Harbor, ME 04669
  • Schoodic Entrance GPS: 44.375098; -68.070323
  • Village GPS: 44.408593, -68.026267

Excellent View of Lighthouse

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherI really love the section of Acadia National Park at Schoodic Peninsula. One of the high points is when I am driving north on Route 186 on the west side of the peninsula just after leaving the Park and I reach Prospect Harbor. Immediately, my attention is drawn to to right where the prospect Harbor Lighthouse is in full view. This can be a stunning shot when the lighting is just right. The harbor is often filled with lobster boats and traps along the shoreline. This is a good location for home base when visiting the Schoodic section of Acadia National Park. Being a relatively quiet area, getting from one place to another take very little time and directions are simple.

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