A Life Expression

I remember trips my family made each year to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park while I was still a young boy from central Maine. Excitement and adventure awaited us each year. We would bring food and then buy fresh lobster and steamers in Trenton for a wonderful feast at the picnic area on Thompson Island before crossing onto Mount Desert Island. There were at least three generations of relatives and the day spent on the coast together created everlasting memories. We played games in the grass and walked bare footed across the seaweed and rocks looking for treasures in the tide pools. It's amazing how long the smell of the air stays with you and how those smells trigger so many memories.

Then, with a full and satisfied belly, we drove into the park and gorged our senses further with sights, sounds, and smells that left us not wanting. Acadia is a place that calls upon those with a depth of soulfulness and spirit. It is a place of raw beauty, introspection, and awe.

Through my life and travels, I always longed to return, if even for a moment. And, even more so, I was driven to express those words and visions that stayed with me over the years. I hope to retell this story I call Acadia Magic, using inspired photography and the written word, for those that remember, and for those who are drawn to experience it for the first time.

Acadia National Park provides us with a compass that points the way to our natural souls. So much of our lives rushes by in a blur until we slow up to pause and reflect. For me, sojourning with nature, camera and pen in hand, has provided a balance. Here, I hope to provide some enjoyment, discovery and internal warmth to your life as well. Warm Regards,

Greg A. Hartford

Inspired Work Continues

Greg A. Hartford, the oldest of seven children, was born in central Maine, and raised in the small town of Dexter. His original interest was in fine art - specializing in pastels and portraits. Music was also a passion and its rhythmic influence can be seen in several of the images and verse. Greg moved to Portland, Maine, and then to Florida for over 15 years where he began and managed the graphics, design, & print department for what was then the Official Cruise Line of Walt Disney World. While in Florida, he also taught a photography class in the BACAM educational wing of a Melbourne museum and lectured on the creative photography process. His work has won numerous awards and has been seen in magazines, newspapers, advertising pieces, galleries, one man shows, and in the movie "Welcome to Mooseport" starring Gene Hackman and Ray Romano. Greg's first book titled "Best of Bar Harbor," was published in May 2009 by Down East Books. Warmth with depth and a reflective quality are hallmarks of his creations. Greg continues to show his photography in books and magazines such as Down East Magazine, Portland Magazine, The Photographer's Master Guide to COLOR by Jeff Wignall, and more. He continues to photograph Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, and surrounding towns and villages throughout Maine today through the support he receives from Acadia Magic. Donations are welcome (including camera equipment) to support his goal of depicting Maine in all its glory! If you have enjoyed this web site, please let Greg know through the email link or postal address provided below.


P.O. Box 3911, Brewer, ME 04412

Select pastel painting to view an early painting created by Greg called “Clyde.”

Greg A. Hartford Painting called Clyde

Twenty Years and Counting

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherI am not sure what made me into who, or what, I am. I could have taken different roads in life. Mathematics was one possibility and one that certainly is in demand today. Engineering and architecture was another. Music was a definite love of mine. But there was something in my heart that drove me to create and share visions of the natural landscape that spoke to me most urgently. I discovered fulfillment in knowing that my images brought warmth and pleasure to people who loved the Maine coast and Acadia National Park as much as I did. Being able to capture and transfer the beauty of Nature and the calm moments it brought to me is a thankful gift. When I returned to Maine from my period in Florida, I decided then that I would dedicate the rest of my life to capturing the beauty of the Acadia landscape and share it with others. And so, my new life journey began.