Corea, Maine

Corea, Maine, located in Hancock County on the southeastern part of the Gouldsboro Peninsula, is a classic Down East Maine fishing village. Small and quiet with excellent harbor views of lobster boats and other vessels, it is actually part of the municipality of Gouldsboro that also includes the villages of Birch Harbor, Prospect Harbor, South Gouldsboro, and West Gouldsboro. This is not on the Schoodic Scenic Byway but is a special treasure on the eastern fringe well worth discovering. While there, be mindful that you have entered a small community's neighborhood.

GPS: 44.400736; -67.97533

Gouldsboro History Origin of Down East


Corea was originally called Indian Harbor until the name was changed in 1896 when a U.S. Post Office was established there. At that time, there was only a footpath connecting it to Prospect Harbor, located a few miles to the west. The village of Prospect Harbor is where the municipal office of Gouldsboro is today and where most town business takes place. (View the Gouldsboro History page.)

Local activities include hiking, biking, fishing, boating, kayaking, and whale watching. There is a golf course in Winter Harbor and Sorrento.

Fishing village of Corea in Gouldsboro
Lobster shack and lobster traps in Corea, Maine

What to See?

Corea is only about 7 miles (11.3 km) from the entrance to the Schoodic Peninsula section of Acadia National Park and only about 4.5 miles (7.2 km) from the park's exit. If you find yourself in the area, especially if in Prospect Harbor (viewing the lighthouse perhaps) which is on the Schoodic Scenic Byway, set aside a few minutes to drive over to Corea. You will likely discover some nice photographic opportunities of lobster boats, lobster traps and other aspects of a working fishing harbor. View the Schoodic map to see the location in relation to Acadia National Park.

How to Get There

From Coastal U.S. Route 1 (on the Ellsworth side), follow Maine State Highway 195 south, crossing Route 186 in Prospect Harbor. At this point, 195 (now called the Corea Road) takes a more easterly direction until arriving in Corea. If you are coming from further Downeast in Washington County, take Route 186 South into Prospect Harbor. Then, take the left (East) on Route 195 into Corea. If leaving Acadia National Park's Schoodic Peninsula, take a right at the first stop sign or stop light in Birch Harbor onto Highway 186 then take another right in Prospect Harbor onto Highway 195. Take note that, on the ocean side or right side you will see the Prospect Harbor Lighthouse.

Location map of Prospect Harbor, Maine


  • GPS: Latitude 44.400736; Longitude -67.97533
  • Schoodic Region Vacation Rentals, Lodging, etc.
  • Chamber of Commerce: (207) 963-7658
  • Gouldsboro Fire Department (Volunteer):
    Emergency Dispatch: (207) 963-7788
    Normal Business: (207) 963-5582
  • Dorcas Library:
    28 Main Street, Prospect Harbor, ME 04669-0167
    (207) 963-4027
  • Municipal Business: (207) 963-5589
    Town Manager
    59 Main Street, Prospect Harbor, ME 04669
  • Gouldsboro Police Department:
    P.O. Box 68, Prospect Harbor, ME 04669
    Day Phone: (207) 963-5589; Night: (207) 667-7575
    Emergencies: 911
  • Peninsula Consolidated School: (207) 963-2003
    71 Main Street
    Prospect Harbor, ME 04669

Classic Coastal Maine

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThe fishing village of Corea in Gouldsboro, Maine is truly a classic and one of my favorite locations on the Down East coast. You can feel the stillness in the air. It seems as if there was some sort of time travel to the past that took place on the way here. Make no mistake, this is a real coastal community whose people value this uniqueness and quiet location. When visiting, please keep this in mind. For me, it is almost like a reverence for the rugged coastal lifestyle whose roots go back centuries. This is the aspect of Maine that my aunts and uncles enjoyed as well as my grandparents. It is still here, alive, and vibrantly greeting each day one step, or one paddle, at a time.

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