Corea, Maine Photos 1

This shows Corea, Maine in Gouldsboro near Acadia National Park at Schoodic Peninsula on the mainland. Numbers represent 9 photos each.

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Corea, Maine fishing village
Silhouette of lobster buoys at sunrise
Lobster Shack at low tide in Corea, Maine
Lobster Boats in Fishing Harbor
Lobster Shack on Coast at Low Tide
Lobster traps on piers in Corea, Maine near Schoodic
Calm water reflections at sunrise
Fishermen row dinghy to lobster boat in harbor
Maine lobster shack at low tide with red lobster boat

Down East Fishing Village

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherAll of these Corea, Maine Group 1 images were captured in the early morning hours during the months of June and July. This is a small harbor that has many viewing angles. It is always best to arrive as early as possible. Best is to arrive at least 30 minutes before sunrise in order to get the camera equipment set up. Fishermen start very early. Keep in mind that during the month of June, sunrise is around 4:30 AM! Even if you arrive later, or even late in the afternoon, there is still many great photographic opportunities in this quaint little Down East fishing village.

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