Bernard, Maine

Bernard, Maine, located on the southwestern part of Mount Desert Island, is often referred to as being on the “quiet” or “back” side of the island because it is on the opposite side from the well known and busier town of Bar Harbor. Bernard, and the local vicinity, has the rugged and easy-going manner of a Downeast fishing village. There is plenty of local character with lots of coastal photo opportunities. The harbor itself is shared by both Bass Harbor and Bernard and either place offers great views of the other. Each side offers its photo perspective advantages depending upon the time of day and lighting. Neither are actually separate towns but are both part of the municipality of Tremont. For Bernard vacation rentals, dining, activity, and Acadia National Park regional information, please refer to the links at the top or and elsewhere on this page.


Many people have seen and taken numerous photos of Bernard but did not realize they were doing so. The reason is that most people first arrive at the eastern shore of Bass Harbor and look westward, taking photographs of the boats in the harbor and the shore on the other side. The fact is, that shore on the other side is the Village of Bernard. Both are part of the town of Tremont. To get to Bernard from the Bass Harbor side, you have to get back on Route 102 and head in a westerly direction (take a left on 102). Be aware that the road is essentially going around the harbor. Once you have made it to the other side, watch for Bernard Road on the left. Go to the end and “T” intersection. Take a left onto Rice Road to arrive at the pier or take a right to see some great views from that vantage point.

Bernard GPS: Latitude 44.240766; Longitude -68.352143

Village of Bernard on MDI, Maine

Useful Info

  • Fire Department (Volunteer): (207) 244-7911
    (via Dispatch Center in Southwest Harbor)
    Keith Higgins, Fire Chief (noted April 20, 2013)
  • Ambulance: Southwest Harbor/Tremont Nursing (207) 244-7685
  • Chamber of Commerce: (207) 244-9264
  • Area Churches & Synagogues
  • Tremont Municipal Building:
    Route 102, Bass Harbor
    P.O. Box 65, Bernard, ME 04612
  • Bass Harbor Memorial Library: (207) 244-3798
  • Historical Society: (207) 244-9753
  • Fishing Information

Beautiful Harbor Scenes

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThere is an excellent pier in Bernard that provides some wonderful perspectives of the harbor to the North, East, and South toward the open ocean. This location works well for shooting images during numerous times of day because you can often get some strong side lighting which enhances the appearance of shape and form. There will often be a steady stream of lobstermen doing their work starting very early in the morning. For this reason, the Villages of Bernard and Bass Harbor is the place to be early in the day if you want to capture typical scenes of a working fishing port. From here, consider going to the East to explore the Bass Harbor head Light in Acadia National Park or go Wester, North West to Seal Cove, also in Tremont or to Pretty March in Acadia National Park.