Acadia at Schoodic

Acadia National Park on the Schoodic Peninsula in Maine is the only part of the park that is located on the mainland. It has very similar geological features as Mount Desert Island but is more secluded and has less commercial development in the surrounding villages. Because of this “less traveled” aspect, there are many who are passionate about the region.

The Schoodic Peninsula section of Acadia National Park covers approximately 2,366 acres. There was a recent increase of 100 acres when a Naval facility on Big Moose Island was decommissioned and converted back to national park land. The existing buildings now serve as part of the Schoodic Institute. The name was changed from the acronym "SERC" in 2013.

Schoodic Institute Entrance GPS: 44.336616, -68.056898

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Entrance to Schoodic

The road that leads south to the park from Route 186 in Winter Harbor is called Big Moose Road. A little over a mile from Route 186 is the Park Entrance. Although there may not be anyone there to check for an entrance pass, the driver of a vehicle is required to have one. Refer to Entrance Passes to learn the details.

Immediately on your right after entering the Park is a turnoff to Frazer Point picnic area where there are (seasonal) restrooms if needed and a nice view of Winter Harbor. From this point on, the 5.5 mile Schoodic Loop Road is one-way except for the short section that turns off onto Schoodic Point. There are several turnoffs along the way to pause and take in the views of the islands including the majestic Mount Desert Island.

Schoodic Peninsula sunrise in Acadia National Park
Western view of islands and lighthouse from Schoodic Head

Schoodic Head & Shoreline

On the left side of the park road near West Pond Cove, there is a narrow dirt and gravel road that leads to Schoodic Head, the highest point on the peninsula. Its 440 foot peak provides commanding views of Frenchman Bay and Cadillac Mountain to the west.

The Schoodic shoreline consists of exposed and weathered red granite that varies from 10 to 100 feet in width from ocean to the beginning of plants, and a forest that is largely pine-birch but also consists of white, red and black spruce, northern white cedar, cherry, alder, mountain ash, and a variety of maples. Several islands of various sizes, also part of Acadia National Park, are nearby including Little Moose Island, Schoodic Island, Pond Island, and Rolling Island.

Nearby Villages

There are a number of unique and unspoiled villages in the Downeast Schoodic Region such as Winter Harbor, Corea (both classic Maine fishing villages), Prospect Harbor, West Gouldsboro, Sorrento (a fishing and resort community), Sullivan, and others along with special spots worth visiting such as Grindstone Neck, Grindstone Point, and Cranberry Point.

The Hulls Cove Visitor Center in Bar Harbor is approximately 45 miles away from Schoodic Point via the land route yet only about 4 miles across Frenchman Bay as the crow flies. During seasonal months, ferry service between Bar Harbor and Winter Harbor is provided by two different companies. The Island Explorer Bus Service also provides seasonal transportation to the villages of Prospect Harbor and Winter Harbor as well as to the Schoodic section of Acadia National Park. (Bar Harbor Ferry: 207-288-2984 or the Schoodic Ferry: 207-944-7379)

Fishing village of Corea in Gouldsboro near Schoodic Peninsula
Explore the Schoodic Region via the Interactive Schoodic Map.

Explore the Schoodic Region

If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, be sure to use the interactive Schoodic Region Map to explore the area as this is key to easy navigation. Just click on the actual locations on the map itself to access information and photos. Try clicking on all photos. The smaller ones will open to enlarged versions. Clicking the large photos will take you to another one in a series or back to the map for easy navigation.

Acadia at Schoodic Entrance GPS: Latitude 44.375098; Longitude -68.070323

Schoodic Point GPS: Latitude 44.332812; Longitude -68.060946

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