Entrance to Acadia National Park at Schoodic Peninsula

Schoodic Entrance to Acadia National Park

This shows the sign at the entrance point to Acadia National Park on the Schoodic Peninsula in Winter Harbor, Maine, the only portion of the park on the mainland. A short distance on the right after the curve (shown in the above image) is a turn-off for the Frazer Point Picnic Area. There is a good sized parking area, restrooms (seasonal), and picnic tables. Beyond this point, the Schoodic Loop Road is one-way. Note that all areas of the park are a federal fee area and require an entrance pass. The valid entrance pass of a driver of a non commercial vehicle, covers passengers in the vehicle. Details, and information about where to get Park Passes online and elsewhere may be found here.

Schoodic Entrance GPS: 44.375098; -68.070323

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There are numerous places check out that all seem to meld into the same experience. Make sure to stop at the pull-offs and walk around a bit. The unique aspect of this location is that the ocean and shore are so readily available and accessible. There will be many places where you literally are only a few feet from the shore. Plane your trip depending on what you would like to experience and photograph. Since this is a peninsula, sunsets are viewed from the western side which means you are driving south right after entering the Park. If you want to experience or capture some sunrises, drive to at least Arey Cove or Schoodic point. For more direct views, loop around until you are heading North with the ocean on your right.

Schoodic Point GPS: Latitude 44.332812; Longitude -68.060946

Schoodic Institute Entrance GPS: 44.336616, -68.056898

Entrance Sign at Acadia National Park at Schoodic Peninsula
West coast of Acadia National Park at Schoodic Peninsula
Sunrise on east coast of Schoodic Peninsula
Starlight at Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park


Schoodic: Plan & Prepare

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherIf you take a look at the map, or any map of this section of the Maine coast, you will discover that Schoodic Peninsula is not very far from Bar Harbor. At least, as far as the crow flies that is. Otherwise, anyone either has to take a boat, or take the drive to Ellsworth, then connect up with U.S. Coastal Route One and head Downeast. This can take about 40 minutes. Keep this in mind, a bathroom can be difficult to find at times. This area is not as commercially developed as Bar Harbor or Ellsworth. There will be long spaces between public restrooms. This is specifically why so many love it here. One small store on Route One has oneā€¦. A Porta Potty - outside. During off season keep in mind that there is a restroom at the entrance to the Schoodic Institute, and it flushes! It is still well worth the trip.