Winter Harbor can be seen from Frazer Point in Acadia National Park, Maine.

Frazer Point Picnic Area

This shows Winter Harbor, Maine as viewed from Frazer Point near the entrance to the Schoodic Peninsula section of Acadia National Park. Frazer Point provides parking, a picnic area, (seasonal) public toilets, and a 40-foot pier with a 20' x 20' floating dock for public use.

For thousands of years, this was the location of an Indian summer campsite. It is named after African-American Thomas Frazer, the area's first non-Indian settler. In the Gouldsboro census of 1790, Thomas is listed as being settled here where he established and operated a Salt Works company to sell salt to passing ships. At that time, Frazer Point and the rest of Winter Harbor were part of the municipality of Gouldsboro.

Please Note: The Frazer Point bathroom generally closes mid-Oct. The only year-round flush toilet is at the gatehouse as you enter the Schoodic Institute campus.

Frazer Point Picnic GPS: 44.374892; -68.074710

Schoodic Institute Entrance GPS: 44.336616, -68.056898

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