West Pond Cove at Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park

West Pond Cove - Acadia at Schoodic

West Pond Cove is on the northern side of Big Moose Island and Schoodic Point in Acadia National Park, part of Winter Harbor, Maine. The one-way Schoodic Loop Road runs North to South from the Park's Entrance at Frazer Point and continues along the western side of Schoodic Peninsula until reaching a section close to the cove's edge. Pond Island sits within the cove on the right side as you are driving South. Gorgeous open views of Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island can be seen from this location. The view in the above photograph is looking back toward what would be the direction of oncoming traffic. In the distance on the right just before the road dissapears in the trees is Mountain Road. This goes to the 440 foot (134 meter) Schoodic Head summit. It is a narrow dirt road that goes to a very limited parking spot with no Park services or amenities.

West Pond Cove GPS: 44.345373, -68.067063

More Information:

West Pond Cove is one of several areas on Schoodic Peninsula that is great for photographing sunsets, even sunrises when Cadillac Mountain and the shores of Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island are set aglow with the first light of the day. Lobster boats often are seen from this location leaving Winter Harbor on their way to harvesting the traps or returning later in the day.

Note: All Park visitors are required to pay an entrance fee, or to already have a valid entrance pass. A valid entrance pass covers all occupants in the same non-commercial vehicle. The pass may be purchased in the Welcome Center at Rockefeller Hall at Schoodic Institute Monday - Friday during normal business hours. You may also purchase entrance passes Online, or at other locations on Mount Desert Island prior to your visit. See Entrance Passes.

Location map of West Pond Cove in Acadia National Park
West Pond Cove next to Schoodic Loop Road
West Pond Cove next to Schoodic Loop Road
West View of Cadillac Mountain at West Pond Cove


Become Familiar with the Settings

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherOne of the striking aspects of Schoodic Peninsula is that it is filled with some great places to explore and paint, or capture through photography or video. If you have time, spend the first time exploring and becoming familiar with the location, and the way light is at different times. The best light, of course, is early in the morning, particularly in the golden hour, or late in the afternoon when the colors take on a warmer glow the the lower sun adds more contrast and a sense of form to everything in the picture.

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