Pemetic Mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine

Pemetic Mountain Loop Trail

Pemetic Mountain in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island is shown here from Bubble Pond. The mountain is 1,248 feet (380m) high and sits right between Jordan Pond (to the west) and Bubble Pond (to the northeast). “Pemetic” was the word that early Native Americans used to describe the whole island - “the sloping land.”A two-way section of the Park Loop Road runs between Jordan Pond and the mountain so you can reach this area from the north (Hulls Cove, Cadillac Mountain, Bar Harbor, etc.) as well as from the southern part of Mount Desert Island (Seal Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Wildwood Stables) if needed.


The 2.4 mile (3.8 km) Pemetic Mountain Loop Trail will take you to the open granite summit. Designated as Strenuous or Advanced because of the steep grades and many steady climbs, it is not for everyone. (See Hiking Trails) But if you are a seasoned and hardy hiker, the trek is well worth it for the views alone which include Bubble Pond, Jordan Pond, several area mountains, and the many southern out islands such as Little and Great Cranberry Islands. The main access points for the trail are from Bubble Pond, Bubble Mountains parking area, and from Jordan Pond north side parking lot.

View hiking trail next to Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park
Carriage Road Bridge at Bubble Pond

Hiking from Bubble Pond

Generally speaking, the Bubble Pond parking area is less busy than the ones at Jordan Pond, but the parking area is small. If you find a spot, congratulations on a great choice of a location! A Carriage Road, a stone faced bridge, a hiking trail, and Bubble Pond itself all intersect right next to the parking area which quickly gives you an up close feeling of intimacy. Follow the Carriage Road a short distance to the south and then take the connecting trail to the right that follows a southwest direction for about .9 miles (1.45 km) to connect with the Pemetic Mountain Loop Trail. At this point, take a left and go south for about .2 miles to the Pemetic Mountain summit.

Hiking from Jordan Pond

You should try parking in the north parking lot that has the boat launch. Walk down to Jordan Pond and take a right (north) onto the Jordan Pond Nature Trail. This lovely trail provides spectacular views of the Bubbles, Sargent Mountain, and Jordan Pond itself. Walk along the east coast of Jordan Pond until you reach the north side of the pond. Watch on the right for Carry Trail. take this trail until it reaches the Bubbles Divide Trail where you will again take a right. This will cross the Park Loop Road. At this point, take the Pemetic NW Trail leading to the summit. The trail will split after a short walk. To the right is a very steep granite faced climb called the Ledge. Taking the left at the trail split will lead you through a narrow granite opening called the Ravine. There are two wooden ladders here. The two split trails will merge and continue up a steep climb before reaching the bare granite summit where a panoramic view of the Mount Desert Island landscape awaits you!

Hiking Trail at Jordan Pond
Trail at Bubble Pond

Hiking from the “Bubbles” Parking Lot

This small lot is often full during peak season but the trek back at the end is a relatively easy one, at least in the portion along Jordan Pond. The hike up to the summit is as described above. From the parking lot, cross over the Park Loop Road (to the east) and take the Pemetic NW Trail.

Suggestion: Consider taking the Free Island Explorer Shuttle Bus to and from the parking areas. Also, be sure to read up on Hiking Safety Tips and let someone else know where you plan to be and when you will return in case something unforeseen happens. In the words of my late grandmother, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

Stats & Facts

  • Accessibility: Accessible restrooms and parking • A level trail leads to pond and, from there, a carriage road
  • Restrictions: Motors over 10 horsepower prohibited
  • Maine Department of Inland Fisheries: (207) 434-5925
    Wildlife Division: (207) 434-5927
  • Bubble Pond Maximum Water Depth: 39 Feet
  • Bubble Pond Fish: Brook Trout
  • Fishing Information
  • The Free Island Explorer Shuttle Bus has a drop-off and pickup point here. Refer to Route 4 Loop Road and Route 5 Jordan Pond.
  • County: Hancock
  • Park Loop Road is closed certain times of year.
  • Bubble Pond GPS: Latitude 44.350213; Longitude -68.241765

Lots to See

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherWhen you consider the Pemetic Mountain Loop Trail’s location and how many great scenery there is along its path, you quickly get the idea that this is definitely a hiking trail to try when visiting Acadia National Park. For this reason, it is a favorite for many. That fact that there is a well known restaurant, The famous Jordan Pond House, just waiting for a stop, makes it even more delightful. Give it a try!