Bar Harbor Photos 5

This group of Bar Harbor photos includes a couple of views from Bar Island, an autumn scene taken at Sieur de Monts Spring, and additional views of Main Street and Firefly Lane. Each of the following “numbers” represent a different page of 9 photos. If using a larger monitor, select images to see larger versions.

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Bayside Trading Company in Bar Harbor, Maine
Geddy's in Bar Harbor on Main Street
Very Foggy Night on Bar Harbor Coast
Main Street in Bar Harbor
Bar Harbor Village Green with Historic Clock
Sieu de Monts Spring House in Acadia National Park
Firefly Lane in Bar Harbor
Champlain Mountain in Bar Harbor, Maine
Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor, Maine

Historical Places

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThis last group of Bar Harbor photos (group 5) includes a shot of the corner of Main Street and Cottage Street, an after dark view of Bar Harbor from Bar Island, the canons in Agamont Park, some street scenes, and a photo of the historical town clock on Main Street next to the Village Green Public Park. The autumn photo of the white building is a spring house at Sieur de Monts Spring. This has special historical significance regarding the formation of Acadia National Park. If interested to learn mind, look for it on the MDI map or in the Contents page.

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