Beech Mountain Trail Photos

This shows views from Beech Mountain Trail next to Echo Lake in Acadia National Park. Number “1” represents 9 photos.

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The view from Beech Mountain Trail in Acadia National Park
A photographer tries to capture the landscape from Beech Mountain
The Beech Mountain Hiking Trail next to Echo Lake in Acadia
Cliffs of Beech Mountain in Acadia National Park
Echo Lake as seen from Beech Mountain Trail in Acadia
View of Echo Lake beach from Beech Mountain Trail
Greening Island and Great Cranberry Island seen from Beech Mountain
Beech Mountain hiking Trail in Acadia
View of Beech Mountain Summit Historic Fire Tower

Of Ants & Men

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherAll of the photos on this page were taken from approximately the same general area except the one of the cliffs which was captured from the Echo Lake parking lot. Once you have arrived at the top of the cliffs next to the lake that the trail leads to, you will notice that there are several vantage points to get certain views. Be very careful when approaching the cliff’s edge as small rocks and sand can act like marbles. One slip is all it would take. You can start by wearing the right kind of shoes, hiking shoes that have plenty of ankle support. The trail does go beyond this point but you can spend some time here because there is so much to see. People on the beach look like little ants!

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