Acadia National Park at Schoodic Peninsula including Gouldsboro, Winter Harbor, and more

Bunkers Cove, Gouldsboro, Maine

Bunkers Cove in South Gouldsboro, Maine
Bunkers Cove
A fishing village at Bunkers Cove in Gouldsboro, Maine
Fishing Village
This photo shows Yellow Island in the distance.
Yellow Island & MDI
Stave Island is on the right in the distance.
Stave Island
Frenchman Bay is between Gouldsboro Peninsula and Mount Desert Island in Maine.
Frenchman Bay
The Gouldsboro Peninsula has many coves such as this.
Gouldsboro, Maine

Bunkers Cove, located in South Gouldsboro, Maine facing Frenchman Bay, is one of a few harbors on the western side of Gouldsboro Peninsula that provide gorgeous views of the islands including Mount Desert Island. Much of the shoreline is privately owned and clear views from the road are difficult to find because of the dense tree growth. Once in a while, an open space reveals itself such as this one.

South Gouldsboro, along with Birch Harbor, Corea, Prospect Harbor, and West Gouldsboro are all part of the minicipality of Gouldsboro. Winter Harbor and the Schoodic Peninsula portion of Acadia National Park are to the south.

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