Gouldsboro Bay in Gouldsboro, Maine

Gouldsboro Bay, Maine

Gouldsboro Bay is located off the Downeast coast of Maine south of US Route One and Steuben on the mainland and the smaller Joy Bay. Its northern border begins approximately where the public landing on Gouldsboro Point faces Rogers Point on Dyer Neck across the bay. The western shore of Dyer Neck defines its eastern border whereas Corea, a village in the town of Gouldsboro, runs along most of its western boundary. As with most of the villages in this area of coastal Maine, the principal industry is fishing.

Gouldsboro Bay GPS: 44.431897, -67.966542

Location & Public Access:

Maine's Hancock County and Washington County share the bay area with the line running roughly north-south through the bay. Hancock County is to the West of this line and Washington County is to the East. The public boat landing at Gouldsboro Point provides a convenient place of access from the mainland.

Gouldsboro Point Boat Launch GPS: 44.473751, -67.985444

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Location map of Gouldsboro Bay, Maine
Gouldsboro Bay in Gouldsboro, Maine
View from Gouldsboro Point of Gouldsboro Bay
Lobster Boat in Gouldsboro Bay


  • Gouldsboro Town Office: (207) 963-5589
    Town Manager, 59 Main St., Prospect Harbor, ME 04669
  • Gouldsboro Historical Society: Website
  • Fire Department: (207) 963-5589
  • Police Department: Day Phone: (207) 963-5589; Night: (207) 667-7575; Emergencies: Dial 911

Gouldsboro Bay in Down East Maine

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherFrom the public boat landing at Gouldsboro Point in Gouldsboro, Maine, it is almost a direct southerly direction to the open ocean of the Gulf of Maine. For five to six miles, there is land on both the eastern and western sides. This is fishing and lobster country as is most of the Down Eastern Maine Coast. There are numerous small villages and the lifestyle revolves around fishing and the small communities and relations that span several generations. If you love Maine Lobster and Crab-meat, this is the area to buy it, especially as you head even further Down East in Washington County.