Gouldsboro Point in Gouldsboro, Maine

Gouldsboro Point, Maine

Gouldsboro Point is part of the northeastern part of Gouldsboro on the coast of Maine. This also marks the eastern boundary of Hancock County and the beginning of Steuben in Washington County. The county line divides Gouldsboro Bay and Joy Bay up through the middle.

At one time, there was a silver mine located here. The main industries today, like most of Downeast Maine, are fishing and blueberries.

In approximately 1793, a wealthy Philadelphian named William Bingham purchased land for about 22 cents per acre in the Gouldsboro area as an investment. (history) Bingham hired the well respected General Cobb, who had been an aide to General George Washington, to move here to manage operations as his local agent. Cobb lived at Gouldsboro Point.

Public Boat Landing:

There is a public landing with a small parking area about midway down the eastern shore of the point for putting in your boat or kayaks. You will find some nice views from this location of Dyer Neck to the east and Gouldsboro Bay to the south.

Gouldsboro Point Boat Launch GPS: 44.473751, -67.985444

There has been a local movement to define this area as the Village of Gouldsboro Point. Although, no definitive decision or acknowledgement has been made by the Gouldsboro town government.

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Location map of Gouldsboro Point, Maine
Gouldsboro Point Boat Landing in Gouldsboro, Maine
Gouldsboro Point
Gouldsboro Point, Maine at Low Tide


  • Gouldsboro Town Office: (207) 963-5589
    Town Manager, 59 Main St., Prospect Harbor, ME 04669
  • Gouldsboro Historical Society: Website
  • Fire Department: (207) 963-5589
  • Police Department: Day Phone: (207) 963-5589; Night: (207) 667-7575; Emergencies: Dial 911

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Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherGouldsboro Point is one of the many locations in Gouldsboro. It is quite unexpected to discover that Gouldsboro extends from Gouldsboro Point all the way east to the Bar Island that sits a short distance off-shore to the north of their public pier! In a sense, you can walk from Bar Harbor and be in Gouldsboro at low tide within about 15 minutes or less. Most people would think that the statement was ridiculous. However, when it is low tide, a natural land bridge appears. If you look at the third photo above, you will see how low the water is next to the dock with the lobster traps on it. The water level in this part of coastal Maine can vary 15 feet between high and low tides,