Prospect Harbor Lighthouse on Prospect Harbor Point

Prospect Harbor Lighthouse

Prospect Harbor Lighthouse and the clouds above are touched by the last embers of the setting sun in this beautiful image captured from the eastern shores of Gouldsboro Peninsula, just north of Acadia National Park at Schoodic Peninsula.

The lighthouse, located on Prospect Harbor Point, is on land that is part of a U.S. Naval Communications Center and is not open to the public except for special events. It is currently being leased to the American Lighthouse Foundation.

The station was established in 1850. The current lighthouse was built in 1891 and became fully automated in 1951. The tower is constructed of wood and is 38 feet with a focal plane height of 42 feet. The keeper's house was built in 1891, followed by the oil house and boathouse that were built in 1905.

Original Optic: Fifth Order Fresnel Lens
Current Optic: 250 mm

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