Seal Cove Photos - Acadia

This shows the beauty of Seal Cove in Tremont, Maine on the “Quiet Side” of Mount Desert Island. Select photos to see larger ones.

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Seal Cove lobster boat and dinghy in fog
Sailboat at Seal Cove in fog
Sailboat with reflection in ocean
The colors of Twilight after sunset
Beautiful twilight at Seal Cove
Twilight colors reflected at Seal Cove, Maine
Tide pool next to water's edge
Golden light with lobster boats just before sunset
Tide pools and lobster boats in golden light before sunset

Off the Beaten Trail

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherSeal Cove is one of the special spots off the beaten trail that I was hesitant to let everyone know about. Locals know of it and often come here to relax and experience a quiet sunset. This is on the southwestern coast of Mount Desert Island in Tremont. The spot is ideal for capturing sunsets, the twilight period after sunset, and some early morning fog before it is burned off by the morning sun. Check out the map on the Seal Cove page to get your mind’s compass orientated.