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This shows Asticou Terraces in Northeast Harbor, Maine on the hillside just below Thuya Garden.

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This shows the granite steps at the base of Asticou Terraces next to Peabody Drive.
Open style structure with sitting bench and roof that is at lower level
Joseph Henry Curis Memorial at Asticou Terraces in Northeast Harbor, Maine
This is a view of the harbor from the Joseph Henry Curtis Memorial.
This shows a section of the walking path in Asticou Terraces near the beginning
Sloped section with evergreen trees that are next to large granite step area
This shows the section of steps that are next to some steep cliffs and lots of evergreen trees.
This is the larger Asticou Terraces observation hut that has a nice view of Northeast Harbor.
This is one of the many views from Asticou Terraces during the ascent looking back towards Northeast Harbor.
Another view of Northeast Harbor from Asticou Terraces
This is the upper section of Astcou Terraces leading up to Thuya Garden
This is a view from the upper section of Asticou Terraces just before it arrives at Thuya Lodge.

Asticou Terraces is Awesome!

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherAnyone who has ever tried to design or build anything, especially, something that incorporated landscaping, should be blown away by the attention to detail, the sensitivity to the coastal environment, both its geography and nature, and the raw beauty that is Asticou Terraces. It is this collaboration, of both natural environment and the dedication, talent and vision of one man, Joseph Henry Curtis, that is truly stunning. My appreciation for the amount or hard work that went into this, and the many hours, days, weeks, months, and years, cannot be overstated. I know that all of those who work diligently to maintain this, and those who come here year after year, must also feel much the same way. We are part of the many who applaud this creation, and gift, known as Asticou Terraces.

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