Shore Path Photos Set 1

This shows the historic Shore Path, and views from the path in Bar Harbor, Maine. Select the following “Next” to view more photos.

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A couple enjoys the view next to Shore Path in Bar Harbor
The Shore Path in front of the Bar Harbor Inn
The Shore Path follows along the granite shoreline.
This shows a North view from the Bar Harbor Shore Path
The view as you walk southeast on the Shore Path
The plants on and over the fence create a very inviting image.
A view of the Maraget S. Todd from the Shore Path
View of Shore Path with kayakers in the ocean
A woman jogs on the Shore Path in the morning with yacht in the distance

A Shared Experience of One

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThis is a very pleasant shore side walking path that certainly is doable by most anyone. It is possible that many people spending time in Bar Harbor have not heard of it. But for sure, many more have actually either stood on it looking at the Margaret S. Todd or walked in front of the Bar Harbor Inn without knowing the path’s significance. Consider that over a hundred years ago in the 1,800’s, people were right there where you might have stood, looking out at the sunrise or islands, holding hands, chatting, remembering, or just cleaning out their minds of the day’s worries and clutter. Experiencing it for ourselves is all about the moment, but the awareness that we have shared this with so many before us seems to add something more.

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