The Beehive Photos - Acadia National Park

This shows The Beehive from different locations on Mount Desert Island in Acadia National Park, Maine.

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The Beehive in Acadia National Park
The Beehive at Sand Beach in Acadia
The Beehive seen from Gorham Mountain Trail in Acadia
The Beehive seen from the Park Loop Road in Acadia
The Beehive with reflection at Sand Beach
The classic Acadia landscape showing The Beehive

The Beehive in Acadia

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherMany people get their first glimpse of The Beehive from the Sand Beach parking lot just south of the Park Loop Road Entrance Station located on the eastern side of Mount Desert Island. What The Beehive lacks in true height (520 feet or 158 m), it more than makes up for when the spectacular coastal setting is considered. There is a fairly steep hiking trail (rated strenuous) that begins about 100 feet before the access road to the Sand Beach parking lot. The trail goes up its eastern face and provides gorgeous views of scenery below. The summit may also be accessed via the Gorham Mountain Trail. (view Hiking Trails)

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