Seal Cove Pond in Autumn Season

Seal Cove Pond on Foggy Autumn Day

There is nothing quite like a coastal Maine fog to soften the colors of a landscape and add a lot of mood appeal. This capture of Seal Cove Pond is a good example. It, not only pumps up the mood factor, it increases a perception of depth and adds some mystery to the experience, drawing the viewer into the image as if to imagine what is behind the veil that is just too faint to see. This is what captivated artists from all ages. Time of year for this image capture: October 6 at about 3:05 PM. Image Specs: Canon 20D with Canon 17-85mm Lens at 53mm, 1/15 second, f/14, ISO 100.

Photo# seal-cove-pond-9751

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