Seal Cove Pond on Mount Desert Island, Maine

Seal Cove Pond, Mount Desert Island

Seal Cove Pond is a 255 acre pond located in Hancock County on the southwestern side of Mount Desert Island in the municipality of Tremont, Maine (View the map below.). It is in the fishing village of Seal Cove and borders Acadia National Park on its eastern side. The pond has an average depth of 18 feet (5.5 meters) and a maximum depth of about 44 feet (13.4 meters). The water depth visibility extends to about 20 feet with an above average water quality designation. The perimeter of the pond is 5.1 miles (8.1 Kilometers).

It is relatively shallow throughout and a coldwater and warm water pond. Warm water fishing includes white perch, yellow perch and brown trout. Motors over 10 horsepower are prohibited. Loons, ospreys, and American bald eagles inhabit the area.

Seal Cove Pond Boat Ramp GPS: 44.292104; -68.392393

Two Ways to Get There

There are two main ways to get to Seal Cove Pond. Your starting point will determine which one is best for you. This pond is in what is referred to as the “Quiet” side or “Back” side of the island because there is much less commercial development, less traffic, and an all around slower pace. This is where the main working fishing villages are which includes Seal Cove, Bernard, Bass Harbor, and West Tremont.

The two “hubs” or intersection points where a decision is made as to which course to take are in Somesville or Town Hill. On the south side of the arched walking bridge of Somesville Route 102 splits in two different directions. In essence, it loops around the southwestern quadrant of Mount Desert Island. If you continued going straight, you would reach and go through Southwest Harbor, then bypass Bass Harbor, go through Tremont, West Tremont, before arriving in Seal Cove. Seal Cove Pond will be ahead on the right. If you want to avoid going through these towns, the alternative is as follows:

After passing the arched walking bridge in Somesville, take a right onto Route 102 Pretty Marsh Road and continue until arriving at Seal Cove Pond (on your left). One more option given below:

Seal Cove Pond Location Map
Seal Cove Pond in Tremont, Maine
Seal Cove Pond on Mount Desert Island
Autumn at Seal Pond Cove in Tremont, Maine

Alternative Route

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherAnother option works well if you just crossed onto Mount Desert Island from the mainland. Go straight onto Routes 102 & 198 instead of turning left onto Route 3 to Bar Harbor.. Just before arriving in the village of Town Hill, take the right onto Indian Point Road. Continue on Indian Point Road all the way to and through the intersection in Pretty Marsh. Take a right onto Pretty Marsh Road (Route 102) then continue until reaching Seal Cove Pond on the left. Note that a short distance after Seal Cove Pond is a right called Cape Road which goes to the cove where there are many fishing boats and even a few picnic tables.

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries: (207) 434-5925

Wildlife Division: (207) 434-5927

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