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Here are 9 more photos showing Otter Cliff or views from Otter Cliff. Each “number” represents a page of 9 photos.

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You can see The Beehive from Otter Cliff
A foggy morning at Otter Cliff in Acadia
This shows Otter Cliff and Otter Point from Gorham Mountain.
Monument Cove view of Otter Cliff
A classic view of Otter Cliff and Boulders on a calm morning
A nice view of Otter Cliff from the Shore Path
This whole side of Mount Desert Island is in shadow but you can see Otter Cliff.
This shows the rocky coast of Acadia National Park near Otter Cliff on MDI.
The east coast of Mount Desert Island with Otter Cliff

Take Some Time to Imagine

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThere is a very interesting historical note concerning Otter Cliff, Otter Point, and Cove relating to the famous French Explorer Samuel de Champlain. Be sure to read about it on the main page for Otter Cliff. I enjoy walking around this headland and cove imagining what it must have been like before any Europeans came here, when they arrived, or when Native Americans fished here. What I wouldn’t give to see and experience it. This makes me appreciate that this area is being protected from development. Walking around here, standing on Otter Cliff is totally absorbing. You can feel it with every breath. When here, dedicate many minutes to just sit somewhere, look all around, and take it all in. It will change you.

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