Autumn colors seen from under the Carriage Road Bridge at Eagle Lake

Autumn at the Eagle Lake Carriage Road

This stone-faced Carriage Road Bridge made for a nice frame against the beautiful autumn colors early in the morning at Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park. Normally, this would be a real challenge to capture effectively because of the very high contrast created by the sunlight in the distance compared to the dark shadows under the bridge. To deal with it, I decided to shoot five different exposures and merge them together so I would end up with closer to a 32 bit file which has much more EV range to work with. Specs: Date was October 21 using Canon 5D Mark IV. Exposures in seconds were 1.3, 1/2, 1/5, 1/13, 1/30 using Tamron 15-30mm zoom at 17mm, f/22, ISO 125

Photo# eagle-lake-A4570

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