Acadia & Bar Harbor Photos 22

This photo group shows several locations including Eagle Lake, Cadillac Mountain; Duck Brook, Bar Harbor, and Thompson Island Picnic Area. Click on the images to view larger versions and to share an image with family and freinds.

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Acadia Sunrise
Carriage Road Bridge at Eagle Lake
Cadillac Mountain Sunrise
Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park at Bar Harbor
Little Hunters Beach in Acadia
Swirl at Duck Brook
Sunset at Cadillac Mountain
Margaret Todd Windjammer in Bar Harbor
Thompson Island Picnic Area

Cadillac Mountain, Eagle Lake, Duck Brook, etc.

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherHere is an interesting selection of fairly recent image captures beginning with a sunrise captured from some cliffs in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island followed by an autumn image taken from under a Carriage Road Bridge at Eagle Lake. Next is a sunrise from Cadillac Mountain, then Eagle Lake again. Others include Duck Brook, the Margaret Todd windjammer in Bar Harbor, and Thompson Island Picnic Area. I have begun including more details about image captures for those who desire to learn more. Thanks for visiting!

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