Bar Harbor Group 10

This shows a variety of images that were captured in Bar Harbor, Maine. Several were taken from next to the historic Shore Path beginning at the public pier. Each of the following “numbers” represent a page of 9 photos.

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Bar Harbor, Maine
Bar Harbor, Maine Shore
Near the Shore Path in Bar Harbor, Maine
A lobster boat leaves the public pier in Bar Harbor at sunrise.
Old Navigation Wheel in Bar Harbor
Low tide in Bar Harbor, Maine
Sunrise on shore of Bar Harbor, Maine
After Dark in Bar Harbor, Maine
Sailing in Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor Focus

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThis Group 10 photos is focused on Bar Harbor, Maine on the northeast side of Mount Desert Island. The first three on this page were taken shortly after sunrise in the same vicinity next to the historic Shore Path during the autumn season at low tide. At this water level, some interesting features reveal themselves as shown here. Photo number four on the page shows a lobster boat heading out of the harbor on its way to the lobster traps that were left the day before. The old navigation wheel anchors the page as it should. The next image at number six, is a northwestern view. The island in the distance is Bar Island. Picture number seven is another shore side image captured during autumn looking back towards the Shore Path. Image eight is a night scene on Main Street. The last shows a yacht moored in the harbor with Bald Porcupine Island behind it.

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