Acadia National Park Photos - 16

This shows many more images that were captured in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Maine including the Ocean Path, Park Loop Road, and Cadillac Mountain. Each of the following “numbers” represent a page of 9 photos.

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Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park
Jordan Pond view from Jordan Pond Restaurant in Acadia National Park
The Ocean Path near Sand Beach and the Park Loop Road
Photographer captures coastal images
Cadillac Mountain sunrise
Park Loop Road with Otter Cliff
Foggy Morning view from Cadillac Mountain
Asticou Azalea Garden in Northeast Harbor, Maine
Carriage Road Bridge

Acadia National Park Journeys

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThere is very little that could prepare one for how vast of potential experiences one is able to discover here in Acadia National Park and the surrounding areas. It is always much larger than expected or imagined. It seems that, at every turn, on whatever path or journey one should undertake, it leads own other new pathways complete with their associated choices. It can open into spectacular vistas, or reveal the deep underpinnings within the park forest., Whatever direction you choose, it will lead to personal discovery.

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