Acadia & Maine Photos 20

This shows images of Long Pond in Seal Harbor, Prospect Harbor Lighthouse, a view from Cadillac Mountain, and several in the north-central Maine Highlands. Each of the following “numbers” represent a page of 9 photos.

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Acadia National Park
Piscataquis River in fog
Tree at Long Pond in Seal Harbor, Maine
Antique mariner Telespoke at Moorings Inn
West Shirley Bog at Sunset
Prospect Harbor Lighthouse in Maine
Round Bays of Hay in Maine Field
Long Pond in Seal Harbor, Maine
Sunrise at Cadillac Mountain

Acadia & Maine Photos

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherWe have many hundreds of more photos but have limited space here to show them. This group certainly shows a wide variety, especially in geography and locations within the great State of Maine. The first begins on the eastern coast of Mount Desert Island looking north shortly after sunrise. The next shot shows the Piscataquis River way up in north-central Maine on a very foggy morning. I wished there were some boys in a raft at the time. Next, are many others shot on Long Pond, at the Moorings Inn, at West Shirley Bog south of Greenville, Prospect Harbor Lighthouse, a field of hay in Ripley, another of Long Pond, and lastly, a sunrise on the majestic Cadillac Mountain!

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