Acadia Photo Group 4

This shows photos captured in Acadia National Park near Sand Beach, Thunder Hole, Jordan Pond, Seawall, Bar Harbor and on a hiking trail boardwalk. Asticou Terraces in Northeast Harbor is here as well. Each of the following “numbers” represent a page of 9 photos.

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View of Great Head from Thunder Hole at Sunrise
Asticou Terraces in Northeast Harbor, Maine
Low Tide near Thunder Hole at Sunrise
Sunrise at Seawall in Acadia National Park, Maine
The boardwalk on a hiking trail between Bar Harbor and the Nature Center
Colorful autumn trees next to Bar Harbor road
Jordan Pond on a nice sunny day
Foggy morning sunrise in Monument Cove
Golden sunrise in Acadia National Park

Seasons of Color

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThe seasons covered on this page range from Spring through Summer to Autumn. People who live in parts of the world where the seasons do not change as dramatically as it does here in Maine, sometimes do not believe that the colors are real. Most of us know that they are and they truly are at their best in Acadia National Park. The fog really can add something to a scene but it can be tricky to capture. The camera meter will often interpret the scene as being too light so will try to let in less light either by closing down the aperture or by making the shutter speed faster. Try to override this to optimize the image quality and get a better exposure.

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