Acadia Photo Group 3

This shows photos captured in Acadia National Park at Schoodic Peninsula, Jordan Pond, Eagle Lake, Cadillac Mountain and Sand Beach. Views from Park Loop Road are here as well. Each of the following “numbers” represent a page of 9 photos.

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Sunrise on the Schoodic Peninsula
Gorgeous Acadia Sunrise
A very calm Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park
A small tide pool at Otter Point
Shoreside on Eagle Lake on the Bar Harbor side of Acadia
Twilight before the dawn at Thunder Hole in Acadia Park
A beautiful golden sunset on Cadillac Mountain looking over Bar Harbor
This shows autumn colors neaxt to the Nature Center in Acadia National Park.
Rocky coast of shore at Schoodic Peninsula

Tools of the Photography Trade

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherAll of the images on this page are morning captures except the next to the last one which was shot shortly before sunset at Otter Point and Otter Cove. One of the images, number 6 on this page, was taken before sunrise during the twilight period. Professional photographers much prefer this time for the exceptional colors and often calm wind. Because there is so little light, a long exposure if often needed which, in turn, requires a few extra bits of equipment. One is the trusty tripod. The heavier the better at windy time. The other is a shutter cable release. This decreases the vibration that can blur an image capture.

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