Acadia & Bar Harbor Photos 24

This Acadia & Bar Harbor photo group 24 shows several locations including Schoodic Peninsula, Great Meadows, Sand Beach, Main Street in Bar Harbor, Eagle Lake and Ellsworth, Gateway City to Acadia and Down East Maine. Click on the images to view larger versions and to share an image with family and friends.

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Western View from Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park
Twilight period just before sunrise at Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park
Hiking Trail at Great Meadows in Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine during Autumn
Sand Beach in Acadia just before the sunrise
Geddy's in Bar Harbor at night
The Beehive Mountain as seen from Sand Beach in Acadia
Autumn view at Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor
Sunrise on a foggy morning in Acadia National Park, Maine
Night on Main Street in Ellsworth, Maine

Schoodic Peninsula, Bar Harbor, Sand Beach, etc.

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherOne of the most rewarding, and often challenging, times to do landscape photography is during the twilight period before sunrise or after sunset. Because the landscape where we stand at during this time is actually in shadow, the colors shift toward the blues. Because of the lower light level, a tripod is recommended and longer shutter speeds will be required. The most attractive time for may people is what is affectionately referred to as the "golden hour." This is the approximate 0ne-hour period immediately after sunrise and the hour just before sunset when the sun is low on the horizon which creates higher contrast scenes especially when at right-angles to the sun. The light also appears to shift warmer toward the yellow, oranges, and reds largely due to the fact that the light is now passing through much more atmosphere, especially that which exists closer to the ground which acts like a filter of sorts.

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