Beautiful morning at Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park

Eagle Lake in Acadia on July 29

I have been photographing Acadia National Park for many years. Each day, each morning and sunset is never the same. All are special and have something to offer the visual enthusiast. This image shows one of my favorite spots on Eagle Lake on the Bar Harbor side of Acadia National Park. The sun has risen to the East on the left side creating a strong side lit situation which increases contrast and adds a sense of form. It ends up being a lot of exposure for one image to deal with effectively without either burning out the highlights or going black in the shadows. To mitigate this situation, I chose to shoot three different exposures - one by the meter, one under exposed to protect highlights, and one over exposed to bring out more detail in the shadows. These were merged into a 32 bit file and worked on until finally changing to a 16 bit, then the final 8 bit for web and other normal viewing situations. Image specs: Date was July 29 at 5:51 AM using Canon 5D Mark II. Three exposures at 1/6, 1/25, 1/100 using Tamron 15-30mm zoom at 15mm, f/16, ISO 160

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