Sunrise in Bar Harbor, Maine with schooner and cruise ship

Bar Harbor Sunrise with Margaret S. Todd & Cruise Ship

The early morning sun was just peeking over Bald Porcupine Island seen from the Public Pier in Bar Harbor, Maine as seen in this image that was taken mid-October. The Margaret S. Todd schooner is to the left facing head-on. Behind the cruise ship is the mainland near the Schoodic Peninsula. October is a good month for photography not just because of the autumn colors of the leaves but also because of the clean crisp air and the sun being lower in the sky which creates higher contrasts. Image specs: Date of October 15 at 6:59 AM using Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame. One exposure at 1/30 second using Canon 24-105mm f/4 L Series zoom at 75mm, f/20, ISO 160.

Photo# bar-harbor-A9092

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