Pretty Marsh Picnic Area

The Pretty Marsh Picnic Area in Acadia National Park is located in a beautiful secluded setting on the “quiet” southwestern side of Mount Desert Island. The entrance is off the western loop of Route 102. A short winding road weaves through a forested area until arriving in a stand of fur and spruce citadels with carpets of lush green moss. There are several picnic tables nested like private islands amongst the trees for your use. A steep embankment slopes towards the ocean to the west leading to a shore covered with small rocks and shell fragments. A recently constructed wooden stairway makes it safer to reach the shore and return to the picnic area. Views of Bartlett Island are directly west. This is a memorable place for a special picnic with friends and loved ones.

Pretty Marsh Picnic Area GPS: 44.333169; -68.406846


The Pretty Marsh Picnic Area in Acadia National Park is on the western coast of Mount Desert Island in the municipality of Mount Desert. Mount Desert does not have a usual town center in the normal sense but rather is spread out over a very large area. The closest commercial center is Southwest Harbor and this should be viewed as the main resource for supplies. US Route 102 does a loop-around on this side of the island as you will see on the following map. Once getting on Mount Desert Island from the north, you have a few options to get here. The more direct is to go to Somesville, then head west - southwest on Route 102. Another option is just go straight to, and through, Southwest Harbor via 102 as it heads further south. It takes a sharp turn back north, eventually arriving at the Pretty Marsh Picnic Area entrance.

Location map of Pretty Marsh Picnic Area
Gouldsboro, Maine black and white
Sunrise in Gouldsboro, Maine
Ocean view from Gouldsboro, Maine

Additional Information

11 Picnic Table, 8 Fireplaces of Pits, NO Water

Several thickly carpeted moss sections

Simple Bathroom Facilities

  • Approximately 4 miles southwest of Somesville
  • Gorgeous forest setting with tall evergreen trees
  • Lighthouse nearby in Bass Harbor

Quietside Picnic

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThis is a really nice spot and definitely, not well traveled which clearly adds to its special experience. The mood and setting is distinctly coastal Maine complete with the smell of evergreen and dried needles nestled on the ground, and the sound of the ocean breeze filtering through the trees above and around. I particularly like how much thick green moss is all around. Picnic areas are separated by adequate space so you have a sense of privacy. You will want to visit here again next year as well.

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