Schoodic Peninsula Photos

This shows Schoodic Peninsula and views from there on the mainland in what is called Down East Maine. Click on images to see larger versions.

Schoodic Peninsula Schoodic Point Acadia National Park

Sunrise on Schoodic Peninsula
An old weathered tree next to shore
Looking South toward the Gulf of Maine
Crashing wave at Arey Cove on Schoodic Peninsula
Beautiful golden sunrise with large boulders in foreground
Landscape composition using converging lines
Close-up of waves and shoreline at sunset
Silhouette of old weathered tree
Seaweed on rocks at shoreline during sunrise

This is the Place!

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherI have found Schoodic Peninsula to be an excellent place for doing photography for a variety of reasons. The fact that it is a peninsula that juts out into the ocean in a southerly direction has a lot to do with it. This gives a ample views of both sunrises and sunsets. But also, it has a lot less crowds during times when you need some solitude, and when you need some open spaces. You will also note that I have mentioned numerous times about it being a good location when you want to show some ocean waves and crashing ones at that. This is the place!

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