East Pond Cove at Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park

East Pond Cove - Acadia at Schoodic

East Pond Cove is on the northern side of Little Moose Island (shown on the right) in Acadia National Park at Schoodic Peninsula. At low tide, a land bridge appears that connects the island to the mainland as shown above. Crossing is not a good idea unless you are fully aware of the times of low and high tide. Little Moose Island is also a protected area due to the large number of nesting birds so caution and respect for the wildlife is requested. The view shown in the photograph above is from the roadside next to the one-way section of the Schoodic Loop Road. This is immediately northeast of the Arey Cove Road that goes to the Schoodic Institute and Schoodic Point.

East Pond Cove GPS: 44.3356366, -68.0486159

More Information:

East Pond Cove is actually categorized as a bay area. Its appearance and features vary considerably relative to how high or low the tide is at the time (which can vary by many feet). Arey Cove and Little Moose Island are in the same location. It is designated as a Birding Hot Spot and provides nice views of Little Moose Island which is often covered with various nesting birds. Open views from this location span from easterly and southwesterly along the shoreline leading to Schoodic Point. The shoreline is rocky and rough in sections.

Note: All Park visitors are required to pay an entrance fee, or to already have a valid entrance pass. A valid entrance pass covers all occupants in the same non-commercial vehicle. The pass may be purchased in the Welcome Center at Rockefeller Hall at Schoodic Institute Monday - Friday during normal business hours. You may also purchase entrance passes Online, or at other locations on Mount Desert Island prior to your visit. See Entrance Passes.

Location map of East Pond Cove in Acadia National Park
East Pond Cove next to Schoodic Loop Road
East Pond Cove next to Schoodic Loop Road
Eastern View at East Pond Cove


Southern End of Schoodic Peninsula

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherIf your intention is to visit the Schoodic Institute or Schoodic Point, and your time-line is on the short side, be sure to do this first by turning right onto the Arey Cove Road off of the Schoodic Loop Road before reaching East Pond Cove. Otherwise, you will have to drive all the way around again, exit the Park, then re-enter. The reason is that the roadway is one-way. This general area at the end of Schoodic Peninsula, including East Pond Cove, has numerous photographic opportunities that reveal themselves at all hours of the day into the starlit night.