Acadia National Park at Schoodic Peninsula including Gouldsboro, Winter Harbor, and more

Little Moose Island

Nesting birds on the granite cliffs of Little Moose Island
Nesting Birds on Cliffs
Sunrise over Little Moose Island near Schoodic Peninsula
Sunrise at Schoodic
Little Moose Island with the Cat Ferry in the distance
Little Moose Island

Little Moose Island, along with Schoodic Island, is one of the most unique and fragile places in the region with its easy accessibility and its large numbers of nesting birds. Located directly off the southern coast of Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park, it has a special mix of plant life including coastal bogs, exposed heath lands, and thick stands of spruce and pine.

From the park road on the eastern side of Schoodic Peninsula you can see the island's tall red granite cliffs often covered with a variety of birds. This makes for a beautiful sight particularly at sunset when it is illuminated in a golden glow.

During low tide, a land bridge appears allowing access to the island by foot. However, please be cognizant of the low and high tide times and always respect the delicate nature of this place. Even passing boats can disturb the natural bird behavior.

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