Jones Cove in West Gouldsboro, Maine with old pilings in water

Jones Cove in West Gouldsboro, Maine

Jones Cove, and Jones Pond, are named in honor of one of the first settlers to this area - Colonel Nathan Jones in 1764. Jones Cove provided a nice protected inlet for the early settles. What a beautiful sight it must have been to see the tall sailing ships enter here or nearby. This is on the northwestern corner of the peninsula. One very interesting story revolves around Frazer Point in what is now Winter Harbor, which was once part of Gouldsboro. Check it out in Gouldsboro History. This image capture was on September 16 at about 7:45 AM. Image Specs: Canon 5D, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L Series Lens at 200mm, 1/60 second, f/13, ISO 400.

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