Jones Cove is located in West Gouldsboro, Maine.

Jones Cove, Gouldsboro, Maine

Jones Cove is located in West Gouldsboro, Maine in Hancock County immediately south of coastal U.S. Route One and the point where Route 186 (South Gouldsboro Road) heads south along the western side of the peninsula towards Winter Harbor and Schoodic Peninsula. On the eastern side of Jones Cove and Route 186 is Jones Pond. A small stream feeds into Jones Cove from the pond. Jones Cove and Jones Pond are named after one of the first settlers in the area - Colonel Nathan Jones, who was given land here in 1764 by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Shortly after turning right onto Route 186 from U.S. Route One (if coming from the west or Ellsworth area) you will see Jones Cove on the right. The eastern most part is in West Gouldsboro and it is at this point that the road will take a sharp turn to the right. Be sure to slow up for this as there is a blind spot because a building sits right at the sharp turn.

Jones Cove GPS: 44.467053, -68.097701

The Beginning of your Schoodic Journey

At the moment when you first turn off U.S. Route One from the West and start heading South along Route 186, you start feeling the exhilaration of finally getting close to your destination. As you drive along, there are trees close to the road on both sides. Then, the view on the right side starts to open up with views of the ocean. This is Jones Cove. It is just a taste, but a good one, of what is to come. Unfortunately, there is no turn-off point on this section of road. You will have to wait just a short while longer. If you want, there are some small businesses ahead in West Gouldsboro. This is right at the point where you would take a sharp turn to the right.

Gouldsboro History Origin of Down East

Location map of Jones Cove in West Gouldsboro, Maine
Jones Cove in West Gouldsboro, Maine
Jones Cove, Mt. Desert Narrows and Hog Island
Jones Cove in West Gouldsboro, Maine


  • Gouldsboro Town Office: (207) 963-5589
    Town Manager, 59 Main St., Prospect Harbor, ME 04669
  • Gouldsboro Historical Society: Website
  • Fire Department: (207) 963-5589
  • Police Department: Day Phone: (207) 963-5589; Night: (207) 667-7575; Emergencies: Dial 911

This Is Where It Began

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherI wish that a movies would be made about how this area was first settled and developed. I would love to watch it. This section of Gouldsboro is the Village of West Gouldsboro. It is where the first settlement was in 1764 when the Commonwealth of Massachusetts gave land to three settlers - Colonel Nathan Jones, Francis Shaw, and Robert Gould. A surprise to many, Maine was once part of Massachusetts. The Commonwealth was eager to settle this part of their undeveloped territory. They even tried lotteries. Part of the challenge was to figure out just what was going to be the most successful product to develop, ship and sell. Was it going to be agriculture or lumber? That story is an interesting one. Be sure to read about Gouldsboro History.