Schooner Head Overlook

Schooner Head Overlook is an oceanside turn-around loop with about 50 parking spaces that is located a short distance east of the main Park Loop Road Entrance Station that is north of Sand Beach. Years ago, there was a wide open view of the ocean from this elevated observation area. In my recent visits there, the trees and other vegetation had grown so much and so high that it obstructs much of the view. There is a walking path, accessed from the parking area, that leads all the way down to the rocky shore and ocean below.

The Overlook basically may be accessed in two different ways. The more conventional way is via the Park Loop Road. To do this, you enter a Park Loop Road access point north of here such as Route 3/South Main Street in Bar Harbor just south of The Jackson Laboratory. Another is from the entrance location west of Bar Harbor on Route 233 which leads to Cadillac Mountain, or the Route 3 entrance area on the northern side of Mount Desert Island that leads to the main Visitor Center at Hulls Cove. Keep in mind that, although this access point begins as a two-way section, the Park Loop Road section that heads to the eastern side of the island will change to one-way between Route 233 and the Cadillac Mountain entrance.

A short alternative is to turn-off South Main Street (Route 3) before The Jackson Laboratory onto Schooner Head Trail. Once you reach the stop sign, turn left for Schooner Head Overlook. Turn right to access the main Park Loop Road Entrance Station, or simply loop around the Overlook Parking area and take a right back on the Schooner Head Trail Road to return to the Business district of Bar Harbor.

Schooner Head Overlook GPS: 44.339721; -68.177475

Overlook Oceanside
Schooner Head
Schooner Head Mansion

Acadia map showing location of Schooner Head Overlook

Schooner Head Overlook

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherIf you have a very limited amount of time to explore Acadia National Park and surrounding areas, you may want to pass on this location. It will likely seem under-whelming. Once here, the only way to see anything will require you to descend via the walkway to the oceanside. If you choose to arrive here via the Schooner Head Trail rod, please drive cautiously as it there are many homes and is a favorite location for the locals takinjg walks and jogging. There are also often deer in the area. Note that there is a very nice view of Champlain Mountain and the precipice from this road just before the stop sign at the end. For a larger view of Mount Desert Island, select the map link at the very top of this page. If you would like to learn more about the only part of Acadia National Park that is on the mainland of Maine, select Acadia at Schoodic to access the interactive Schoodic Map.

Bar Harbor Acadia National Park

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