Seal Harbor Photos 1

This shows the beauty of Seal Harbor, Maine on the southeastern side of Mount Desert Island. Select the following “Next” to view more photos.

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Village of Seal Harbor, Maine
Yacht and lobster boats in harbor
Little Long Pond in Seal Harbor, Maine
View of beach from pier
Sailing near Seal Harbor on Mount Desert Island
Expensive yacht going by Seal Harbor
Rays of morning light breaking through mist and leaves
Public beach with view of yachts
Misty road at morning

Points of View

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThis set of nine Seal Harbor photos is quite diverse. It begins with a few of Main Street, then to some water views, and to Long Pond, one of my favorite locations. This grouping even includes a couple of images captured from a boat looking back at Seal Harbor and a few of the so called, “summer cottages,” of the wealthy on the island. If you are going South from Bar Harbor on Route 3, it will go through Seal Harbor. When the road passes the Main Street storefronts and then a small park, Route 3 takes a sharp right. If, instead of taking that right, you continue straight, and vier right along the shore, you will eventually arrive at a public pier on the right. This gives a different vantage point of the harbor and allows some more close-up shots of some of the yachts. Be careful and drive slowly, however, since the road is narrow.

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