Seal Harbor Photos 2

This shows the beauty of Seal Harbor, Maine on the southeastern side of Mount Desert Island. Select the following “Next” to view more photos.

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Early morning view of public beach
Shoreside at Long Pond in Seal Harbor
Martha Stewart's Hinckley Yacht
Small park in Seal Harbor
Rays of sunlight bursting through tree and mist
Autumn on Long Pond
Boats in harbor
View of mountain at Long Pond
Yacts in Seal Harbor

Rounding it Off

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThis second set of nine Seal Harbor Photos begins with an early morning capture of the public beach just before the sun rises above the hillside. It also shows this amazing tree and roots at Long Pond. I love the look of this and the interesting shapes and textures. Another image shows a Hinckley Yacht that was custom made for a famous person who has a summering home here. The centerpiece is one of the early morning light bursting through a tree and morning fog. A texture was added to experiment with a painterly effect. The rest represent the spring, summer, and fall seasons. On desktop and laptop computers, lesson the width of the browser windows to see larger pictures.

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