Somes Pond in Somesville, Maine

Somes Pond, Somesville, Maine

Somes Pond is a cute little pond to the west of Somesville center. The Pretty Marsh Road (Route 102) goes right by it on the pond's south side and Oak Hill Road is on the north side. Waters flow easterly towards Somes Sound.

Somesville, the oldest settlement on Mount Desert Island (dating from 1761), is a picturesque little village located at the northern end of Somes Sound - recently downgraded in designation of it being a “fjord” to a “fjard.” Somesville is actually not a township at all but part of the municipality of Mount Desert whose office is located in Northeast Harbor (confused yet?).

Somes Pond GPS at Oak Hill Road: 44.364851, -68.349572


If you are driving South in the upper middle section of Mount Desert Island on Route 102 through Somesville, watch for the arched white walking bridge on the right that has become a famous visual landmark on the island. Just before this, on the right, is the Oak Hill Road. Take a right there using reasonable caution when driving because the road winds through residential neighborhoods. About 3/4 mile ahead, you will see Somes Pond on the left. There is a very small turn off area right next to the Pond's edge on the left. You may want to drive past this spot and turn around up ahead and come back to be on the right side.

As an alternative to taking the Oak Hill Road, you may drive past the arched walking bridge on Route 102 but look for the Pretty Marsh Road about 1/2 mile ahead on the right. Turn there. It will go by the southern side of Somes Pond but there is no real safe place to stop. Keep driving a short distance and you will arrive at the north end of Great Long Pond (on the left). Just before this is a road on the right called Whitney Farm Road. If you take this right, it will arrive at Oak Hill Road. Take a right to get to the northern end of Somes Pond.

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Location map of Somes Pond in Somesville, Maine
Loon on Somes Pond in Somesville, Maine
Foggy morning at Little Long Pond
A view of Penobscot Mountain from Long Pond

Stats & Facts

  • Somesville Library: (207) 244-5480
  • Village GPS: Latitude 44.368893; Longitude -68.330675
  • Fire Department: (207) 276-5111
  • Emergencies: Dial 911
  • Area Golf Courses
  • Churches & Synagogues
  • Mount Desert Municipal Office:
    21 Sea Street
    P.O. Box 248
    Northeast Harbor, ME 04662
    (207) 276-5531

A Little Pond with a Big Heart

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherGood photography often takes much planning and certainly, much work in the digital darkroom afterward with digital processing. Yet, one of those great pleasures and surely one that can energize photo excursions is the element of serendipity, chance discoveries or unexpected revelations that unfold while in the moment. Finding new places and being open for the ever changing display of light and shadows has its own rewards. Somes Pond is one of those places for me where there is almost an anticipation of discovery. Yet, I am still always mindful that “chance favors the prepared mind.”