Asticou Azalea Garden 2

This shows Asticou Azalea Garden Photos Set 2 in Northeast Harbor, Maine on Mount Desert Island. Numbers represent 9 photos each.

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A gorgeous arch created by the flowering branches
Walking path through green moss, trees and ferns
A view of Asticou Azalea Garden from roadside
The walking path proceeds across little stream
Asticou Azalea Garden in full bloom seen from southern road side
The flowered arch seen from opposite side
Morning view of the garden
A bench awaits the next visitor.
One of the stone sculptures in the garden

Sea of White Waves to Dancing Light

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherThis is a nice set of nine photos that begins with a section of Asticou Azalea Garden that certainly shows the Japanese strolling garden influence. In the first two images, the white sand, slowly raked over with care, represents the sea with the lines its waves. The large rocks represent islands in the sea. Four of the images show the enchanting area that has green moss and ferns in a standing of evergreen trees. A special image, that was magical to experience first hand, shows the ground covered with white flower petals that are being lit up by dancing rays of light. In addition are the granite stepping stones across the scream and some blooming azaleas.

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