The Lumberjack & Folk Hero, Paul Bunyan Statue in Bangor, Maine

Statue of Paul Bunyan in Bangor, Maine

The original idea for this statue of Paul Bunyan was presented to the 125th Anniversary Steering Committee by Connie Bronson of Veazie, a Maine town immediately to the north. The scale model for the statue was sculpted by Normand Martin of Bangor. It was built and erected by Messmore and Damon of New York City. The statue stands in honor of the many thousands of woodsmen who contributed to the building of, not only Bangor, but places throughout the world.

Image Specs: June 11 at about 6:16 AM, Canon 20D with Canon 17-85mm lens at 85mm. The exposure was at 1/6 second, f/22, ISO 100.

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