The Lumberjack Paul Bunyan stands holding his ax

Statue of Paul Bunyan Holding His Ax

The cost to construct the statue of Paul Bunyan was $20,000 in the late 1950's. In 2018 dollars, this would be over $170,000! Funds were provided via voluntary contributions from individuals and firms in the greater Bangor area. Paul Bunyan stands tall here in his red and black plaid shirt while resting his ax on his shoulder. If he were real, you could imagine him looking at the dawn's light glistening across the ships in the Penobscot River waiting for his lumber to be loaded.

Image Specs: June 11 at about 6:19 AM, Canon 20D with Canon 17-85mm lens at 78mm. The exposure was at 1/8 second, f/22, ISO 100.

Photo# Paul Bunyan 0126

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