Northeast Harbor, Maine Photos 1

This shows photos of Northeast Harbor, Maine near Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island. Click images to see larger versions.

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Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert, Maine
Maine Street in 2006
Northeast Harbor with Asticou Inn
Asticou Azalea Garden
Yacht in Northeast Harbor, Maine
Thuya Garden in Northeast Harbor
Flowering Garden during Spring
Gatehouse to Carriage Roads
Boats at docks in the harbor

Diverse Beauty on the South Side

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherAlthough Northeast Harbor is a small village in Mount Desert, Maine, it has a big stature on the island because of its beauty and the wealthy properties that are found nestled there. Most know of it simply because of the yachts that are often seen in its protected harbor. This provides many photographic opportunities from the south side, but it does not end there. Two of the most prominent spots are Asticou Azalea Gardens and Thuya Garden, both found on the northern side of the harbor. Acadia National Park land borders the village as with most places on MDI.

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