Bear Island Lighthouse Photos - Acadia

The following photos show the Bear Island Lighthouse in Acadia National Park on the coast of Maine. Bear Island is one of five islands that are part of the municipality of Cranberry Isles in Hancock County. This is at the southern entrance to Somes Sound.

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Bear Island Lighthouse
Sailing near Bear Island Lighthouse
Bear Island Light Station in Acadia
Bear Island Light Station in Acadia
Sailing near Bear Island Light
Kayakers near the lighthouse on Bear Island in Acadia National Park, Maine
View of Bear Island from Manset in Southwest Harbor, Maine
Sailing near the Bear Island Light in Acadia National Park
View of Bear Island and mountains on Mount Desert Island, Maine

Bear Island Lighthouse Images

Greg A. Hartford, photographer, author, publisherAlthough, you can get some good image captures from places like Manset in Southwest Harbor, you will need a good telephone to do it. The best is from a boat and there just happens to be some boat rental companies in Southwest Harbor. Check the activities section for information.

This is a gorgeous setting on the southern side of Mount Desert Island which is also at the opening to Somes Sound which goes to the North up-through the central part of Mount Desert Island. Having a captain to manage the boat while you are shooting images is certainly the way-to-go. Be sure to use a shutter speed that is fast enough to compensate for the motion-of-the-ocean!

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